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Back to the Club: A Challenging Twist to an Annual Event

The Brand Guide of the Detroit Athletic Club (DAC) is an intricate tapestry covering mission statements and visions and typography and color selection and seemingly every possible permutation and scenario—except for a pandemic, which provoked a rewriting of the playbook here and there. But what

Community in Time of COVID-19

Telling Club Stories Imagine a husband and wife who are considering making a significant investment: a membership at Medinah Country Club. The husband wants to join. His wife, though, is less sure. They visit Medinah’s grounds and take it all in: a broad green canvas

Part 2: How to Improve Member Loyalty at Your Club

Member loyalty is arguably the most important part of club leadership. Loyal members means a full roster and that makes your job easier. A full roster means higher dues revenue. More capital projects get funded and maintenance bills are no longer such a concern. You do not

Millennials: What now? What next?

MILLENNIALS ARE INDIVIDUALS born between 1981 and 1996; there are approximately 83.5 million people in this group, according to the U.S. Census. Much attention has been given to this emerging market for today’s private clubs. In fact, millennials are the future of most private clubs.

Club Positioning 2020: A Private Member Enclave

Prevented from offering their members a refuge during the quarantine phase of the pandemic, clubs will be positioned to thrive in the Phase I reopening of the economy. A return to their roots providing social and recreational activities solely for the benefit of their members

Are children members, too?

AS 2020 begins, we always like to focus on the outlook for the future. What trends are emerging? What innovations are happening at clubs across the country? What is driving member engagement and recruitment? Private clubs are continuing to evolve. From back-in-the-day as they catered to

Connectedness: The Foundation for Club Success

The word “connectivity” is synonymous with the word “club.” Connectivity takes a club beyond being a commercial provider of services, programs and facilities. In today’s world where instant gratification is often the goal, the concept of connectivity among members can easily get lost. A club