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Club Trends Fall 2022: Racquet Renaissance

Download Publication Features Racquet ReboundDemand for Racquet Sports Surges McMahon Pulse SurveyRacquet Sports Programming Racquets Sports’ Louder PresenceHow racquet sports are more ingrained at clubs Going Beyond GolfHow Racquet Sports Impact Financial Outcomes Going with the Flow at Ocean Reef Club Winning the Space Race

What are ways to improve our member retention?

In a recent study of the 4,000-plus private clubs in North America, GGA Partners found almost nine in 10 clubs are full and experiencing significant waitlist growth. Certainly, the pandemic has brought unprecedented growth to private clubs. The question now is how clubs will retain

Budget Time is Here: Is a 20% dues increase palatable?

DAN: Budget time is here again—it’s an annual event, something like Christmas or April 15th. The economy is still in question, but despite this and other macro, global factors, isn’t it time to finally loosen your budgeting belt? While many members are still personally recovering

The New Model at the Old Barnwell Club

Nick Schreiber knew what he was looking for, theoretically, on his 50 or so trips to scope land within a six-hour drive of Charleston, S.C. Sandy soil was a must. Hills were good. Interesting potential turns, attractive topography, somewhere a course or three could roll

It’s Not You, It’s Me

THE CALL CAME in mid-September 2013, as I waited at a gate in a large mid- western airport. No one had died or been in an accident. No one was in labor. “Mr. Smith, your membership is approved and we look forward to seeing you