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The Value Proposition: Total Cost of Belonging – Q3 2021

Successful clubs understand that when it comes to selling memberships, they must compete on value, not on price. Dues and fees paid by the members must be sufficient to fund delivery of a compelling member experience and ensure that programming and facilities are consistently fresh

Building Your Granddaughter’s Club: Strategies for the Future

As we begin to emerge from this pandemic and learn to live and manage with COVID-19 and its subsequent variations, the club industry has used the last year and half not just to survive but to chart a path of thoughtful strategic planning. I have read more interesting strategic plans in the last 12 months than I read in my 32 years of club management. I have seen a

Generational Diversity

TODAY’S CLUB WORKFORCE brings together four generations under one roof. A 2019 whitepaper by Paychex, Inc., “Potential Benefits of a Multigenerational Workforce” calls it an advantage for employers willing to embrace the idea that the more diverse perspectives a team brings to a problem, the

What are the best ways to personalize the member experience?

Most clubs are searching for solutions to rising labor costs and ever-greater member expectations. Some have tried to systemize services and the result has been depersonalizing member services. Beware! The best member services are strictly personal. Behavioral scientists at the University of Hertfordshire in the

The Relevant Club

Relevant facilities are critical to retain the members you have and to appeal to the ones you want. While the COVID-19 pandemic brought misery and havoc throughout the country, it was a bit of a tonic for the club industry. After years of difficulty competing