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Each year, clubs face new challenges, and each year NCA fights for clubs’ rights on Capitol Hill.

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About ClubPAC

ClubPAC is the Nation Club Association’s (NCA) Political Action Committee (PAC). It is a voluntary, bipartisan PAC formed to help elect federal candidates who support the private club industry. ClubPAC serves to strengthen the club industry’s political voice, educate and mobilize members to become more politically active, and support candidates who promote legislation and policies that create a fair business environment, allowing the club industry to create jobs and grow the economy.

Federal Election Commission (FEC) laws contain extensive rules that trade associations must follow when it comes their political action committees. Pursuant to those laws, NCA cannot even provide information about ClubPAC without meeting specific and complex requirements.

Prior to giving you more information about ClubPAC and asking for contributions, the FEC requires us to obtain any member club’s written permission. For this purpose, please complete the form provided below. Further, federal law prohibits clubs from making contributions to ClubPAC. Instead, those contributions may only come from the club’s senior employees and not the club’s general account.

For questions on ClubPAC, please contact Joe Trauger at [email protected].

Prior Authorization for Clubs Prior Authorization for Associates
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