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NCA Condemns Attack on Capitol

The National Club Association (NCA) strongly condemns the riotous acts and violence that occurred yesterday on Capitol Hill. As the organization that actively lobbies Congress on behalf of the club industry, we are shocked and saddened by the unlawful revolt against an institution with which we personally interact and conduct business.

NCA’s Vice President of Government Relations Joe Trauger states, “As a former senior staffer in the House and Senate, the breaching and vandalizing of the U.S. Capitol yesterday is deeply personal and upsetting. Every day I had the privilege of walking into the Capitol and into the chamber to assist our elected officials in conducting the business of our nation. The hallowed halls of our Capitol should evoke the best of who we are as a people. It is a monument to our country and the world. What occurred yesterday was abhorrent and a travesty of our democratic principles. Those responsible should face the consequences of both their actions and rhetoric.”

NCA appreciates the law enforcement officers who defended our elected representatives and staff and applaud the members of Congress for returning to the Capitol to complete their duty to certify the Electoral College votes from November’s election.

We will continue to work with members of Congress on both sides of the aisle and faithfully participate in the democratic process to advocate on your behalf.