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Tag: latest news

NCA Member Alert: Payment Protection Program (PPP) Update

In an effort to provide additional clarity with respect to 501(c)(7) eligibility for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), NCA is sharing additional information received from the Office of Financial Assistance with the Small Business Administration, which may be of use in determining whether certain 501(c)(7)

NCA Member Alert: Stick it to COVID-19: Support the Vaccine

COVID-19 Separated Us. Vaccines are Bringing Us Together. In order to safely resume normal club operations, staff, members and guests need to have confidence that club facilities are safe, and employees are protected from COVID-19. In addition to ensuring industry standards for sanitation, a critical

NCA Member Alert: American Rescue Plan Signed Into Law

President Biden has signed into law the “American Rescue Plan,” which is the latest in Congress’ efforts to bolster the economy in response to the now year-long coronavirus pandemic. Over the past year, the National Club Association has been working with representatives and senators on