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Tag: HR

The Recruitment/Retention Puzzle

We all have heard it and said it numerous times, but now it seems club managers are living this trite saying more than ever, “Good people are hard to find!” And, good people are also hard to keep! The latest statistics on engagement are alarming.

Comprehensive Workforce Planning

The inception of Farmington 2027, the strategic plan that is guiding Farmington Country Club in Charlottesville, Va., to its 100th anniversary, provided the perfect opportunity to organize our staffing strategies into a comprehensive workforce planning initiative, which we launched as Farmington Workforce Planning 2027. This initiative was based

An Integrated HR Management System

In today’s highly volatile employment market with a national unemployment rate of 3.7 percent in October 2018, there are significant benefits to modernizing the club’s human resources and payroll processes using a contemporary human capital management (HCM) system. Chief among them is the ability to

Workplace Culture and Retention

Unless you’ve built a club from the ground up, every one of us has inherited a workforce, and for that matter, a club’s workplace culture. Some of us have walked into organizations where the service culture functions as the cornerstone of the operation and others

National Club: HR Management: Best Practices for Private Clubs

HR Management: Best Practices for Private Clubs

Manage your staff with confidence. HR Management: Best Practices for Private Clubs presents a comprehensive foundation for HR management at clubs with or without a full-time human resource professional, guiding you through the development of strategic human resource management best practices, policies and guidelines for

Club Safety Tip: Employee Safety Training and Education

Educating club employees on safety requirements should be a priority—and the following Federal OSHA list is mandatory for most clubs: Emergency egress routes and roll call areas Hazard communication training for the chemicals employees may encounter in the workplace Personal Protective Equipment training on how

Ocean Reef Club: Loyalty All Around

Ocean Reef Club (ORC) in Key Largo, Fla., is a 2,500-acre private member-owned community in a paradisiacal setting along an active coral reef. The exclusive enclave seamlessly supports 1,500 homes, 110 vacation rentals, a 150-room oceanfront inn, a 175-slip marina, a spa and salon, two