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Clubs Green Up

Locally sourced and grown foods are making their way to club dining tables across the country. While members love the taste, managers find it sustains the organization in other important ways.  When you hear the term “Green Keeper” in the club context, it is understandable

Golf Course Conservation Easements: A Change in Tax View

A conservation easement is a legal tool originally created for the purpose of protecting and preserving natural landscape and acreage from development. In theory, a landowner agrees to keep a large section of his land free from development and in a natural state in return

Labor and Financial Concerns for Golf: 2016 State of the Industry

Golf Course Industry magazine recently released its “2016 State of the Industry Report,” which includes golf superintendent surveys results that point to major trends in the game and its operations. Below are financial and labor findings from the report. Financial Golf facility profits regressed slightly in