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Taking on Tech: Merging Technology with Club Culture

Technology today is mostly about software; sometimes the software is “wrapped in hardware” such as a smartphone or moisture sensor, and sometimes it’s a software product such as a reservation system, but it’s useful to think of all this technology as software. Why has computer

Top 10 Golf Predictions for 2040: Fun, Futuristic Forecasts

The game of golf has been around for more than half a millennia, undergoing countless changes since its inception. New technologies, heightened environmental awareness and other variables all play a significant part in the sport’s evolution. The Metropolitan Golf Association in New York invited a

How to Grow Golf: Challenges or Opportunities

What are some of the strategies clubs can implement to help address the challenges—and opportunities—that face the golf industry? As the industry looks at ways to accelerate expansion of the game, here are a few observations to stimulate new thinking and action about the game

Rounds 4 Research: Funding to Protect Golf’s Future

The economic issues that plagued the overall golf industry in the last decade were particularly hard on turfgrass research, affecting funding from sources inside and outside golf. Universities and colleges, which conduct the vast majority of research, were severely impacted, and programs were eliminated or

Golf Course Maintenance: How Much Should You Spend?

The industry debate over how much a club should budget to maintain its golf course seems never-ending, and that’s understandable. The course consumes a significant portion of the cash required to run a club and it is also one of the most visible and member-impacting

The Expected Lifecycle of Golf Course Elements

As clubs consider updating their facilities and renovating elements of their clubs, and especially their golf courses, it’s important to understand the lifecycle of key golf course components. Knowing when items need to be updated and how long new renovations can be expected to last