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Phones on the Course: Golfer Preference and Usage

According to a Golf Digest survey of its 233,000 Twitter followers, 43 percent of respondents would be “fine” with no official phone policy or a “common sense” policy at their course, as many golfers accept phone usage so long as it does not interfere with other players.

Golf Course Maintenance Expense

GOLF SEASON will kick into high gear soon for clubs north of the Sunbelt. Discussions about golf course maintenance budgets often involve factors such as cost per hole or per acre, and characteristics ranging from type of grass to geographic location. To understand how these

The ROI of Golf Course Investment

Golf industry decision makers from across North America—including architects, golf course owners, operators, managers, professionals and superintendents—recently gathered at Longleaf Golf & Family Club and Pinehurst Resort for the American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) Foundation event, From Tees to Green: A Symposium on

How is technology helping to grow the game of golf?

THROUGHOUT THE GOLF SEASON, millions of viewers tune in every weekend to watch PGA TOUR golf and, in 2018, viewership skyrocketed as the world watched Tiger Woods’ exciting comeback. That said, the younger players on the TOUR, who are compelling in their own right and have

How Do You Know if it’s Time to Renovate Your Golf Course?

MANY GOLF CLUBS today face the decision of when to renovate their golf course. There may be some specific circumstances that confront the daily maintenance and presentation of the golf course. The board of directors, management and members may have various opinions on how the golf

Brookhaven Country Club Brings Golf Entertainment to Its Members

For 60 years, Brookhaven Country Club in the North Dallas neighborhood of Farmers Branch has enjoyed a reputation as an affordable, family-friendly private club with recreational activities for members of all ages and proclivities. With three 18-hole courses, one of the largest private tennis facilities

Trends in Golf Renovations

THINGS WEAR OUT—That’s just the way it is. Whether it is the roof, the swimming pool or the golf course irrigation system, club assets have a limited life span. In today’s competitive environment, forward-thinking clubs Recognizing that every course is unique and that repair and

Innovative Technology and Golf

Often criticized for being too tied to its traditions, the reality is that golf has a long history of adopting innovative tools that make the game more fun and expand its user base. We now stand on the threshold of a period where innovative technology