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Tag: golf

Golf Course Architects Adapting Courses for 21st Century

Golf course architects are working with their clients to design and renovate courses that are shorter and less expensive to construct and maintain, so said several American Society of Golf Course Architect (ASGCA) members during a recent panel led by ASGCA President Erik Larsen. “Extreme

Special Events: Wowing the Crowds and Wooing Your Membership

It takes a certain kind of club—and membership—to host major championship events. Championships confer a special prestige on a club and its membership. They announce to the world, “This is a first-class organization, worthy of hosting a world-class event.” And, during some national and international

A Game with a Great Past and a Bright Future

Much has been made in recent years of the supposed demise of golf. If the game could talk, it would very likely echo Mark Twain’s famous words “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Sure, the total number of players and rounds are down