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Fun, Flexible and Fast: Golf Builds for the Future

Golf is evolving. It always has been. But throughout this change the game has always relied on one constant: The fundamental human craving to be outdoors in a beautiful landscape. Add a club, a ball, some friends—that is the essence of the game. No more.

Teed Up for Success: Golf’s New Opportunities

One of the biggest benefactors of the COVID-19 pandemic has been golf. Offering a socially distant outdoor activity with scenic views and fresh air as well as the opportunity for players to see friends and meet new ones, golf provided renewed value to first time

Honorary Guest Scholarship: Growing Lifelong Golfers

Like so many clubs across the country, Columbia Country Club in Chevy Chase, Md., has a 501(c)3 charitable foundation that operates as the philanthropic extension of the club. While the club was founded in 1898, the foundation was not incorporated until the fall of 1997

Golf in the Age of Technology: New Ways to Love Golf

There is change afoot in golf, one of the world’s oldest and most traditional of games. Previously the domain of pristine fairways and putting surfaces like pool tables, the golf experiences are now much broader. The game is being played indoors on screens and outdoors