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CIB: Many Tennis Players are Miffed that Pickleball is Taking Over Everything

Club Insider Brief – Oct. 19
Welcome to the new Club Insider Brief (CIB), from what we’re reading, to what other clubs are doing, governance solutions, golf/tennis/yacht trends, unlocked NCA articles and resources and newly added COVID-19 and legal updates, the new CIB is a must-read for all club staff and leaders—and remains a free benefit for the entire club community.

What We’re Reading Now:
NCA News:
 Joe Trauger Named President & CEO of National Club Association
Racquets: Many Tennis Players are Miffed that Pickleball is Taking Over, Well, Everything, NBC News 
On the Green: PGA HOPE National Golf & Wellness Week: A Life-changing Experience, PGA
New Club Director: The Beauty of the Club, National Club Association (member-only content)

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