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NCA’s Washington Weekly Update 4-26-21

Situational Awareness
The House is out of session conducting committee business. The Senate is in session and will be considering a resolution of disapproval under the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to revoke a Trump Administration rule on methane emissions and nominations..

Census Data Release
This afternoon, the Census Bureau will release data collected in 2020 for the purposes of apportionment of Congressional seats for the next 10 years. The data is used by each of the states to draw district lines for representation in Congress. It is expected that states in the Midwest and Northeast will lose seats to the Sun Belt states, which has been a trend for the last several decades. California, however, may lose a seat in Congress for the first time. The release of the data is the first step in a redistricting process at the state level that has Republicans positioned to make gains in the House in 2022.

President Biden to Address Congress Wednesday Evening
In what is billed as a form of a “State of the Union” speech, President Biden will deliver remarks to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday evening. Attendance for the session will be limited to 200 lawmakers in a nod to the ongoing pandemic. The speech is expected to focus on the unveiling of a new “American Families Plan” said to total $1.8 trillion in programs aimed at increasing federal support for lower- and middle-income Americans. The plan is also reported to contemplate significant increases in tax rates for individuals earning income over $400,000 annually as well as capital gains earnings. Some adjustments to the estate tax are also expected. The proposal is likely to include measures mandating paid leave as well as increasing access to and lowering the cost of health coverage.

Louisiana Special Election Results
Louisiana State Senator Troy Carter (D) won the special election over the weekend to fill the state’s Second Congressional District. The election was held to replace now White House Advisor Cedric Richmond who vacated to accept the position in the White House. Congressman-elect Carter defeated the preferred candidate of progressives, former state Democratic Chair, Karen Carter Peterson. Once Congressman-elect Carter is sworn in, Democrats will hold a razor-thin majority of 219-212 with three additional special elections for Democratically held seats awaiting special elections later this year

ClubPAC Prior Authorization Forms
If you have not submitted your prior authorization form for ClubPAC, please do so here for clubs and here for associate members. ClubPAC has been a key component of NCA’s government relations program throughout the pandemic and is a valuable tool in our goal of building relationships on both sides of the aisle. ClubPAC gives voice to the club community in the political process and by signing the prior authorization form you will have access to the latest information on NCA’s political engagement.