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CIB: Former Members Not Entitled to Proceeds From Club’s $11M Property Sale

Industry Update

Former Members Not Entitled to Proceeds From Club’s $11M Property Sale
Twenty-six former members of Rock Spring Golf Club in West Orange, N.J., sued for shares of the club’s sale to West Orange Township, of which proceeds amounted to $11M, accusing the club of conversion, unjust enrichment, promissory estoppel, breach of the merger agreement, fraud in the inducement, common-law fraud and breach of fiduciary duty. A New Jersey appeals court affirmed that a trial judge was correct in dismissing the lawsuit because the sale was made by Montclair Golf Club, which was part of a merger with Rock Spring three years earlier. C+RB.

Salt Lake City to Open New Social Club
The Edison House, a new, exclusive social club, is under construction in downtown Salt Lake City (SLC). Club founders credit the city’s growth and major tech hub in choosing SLC as the location. Co-founder and SLC native George Cardon-Bystry says, “We see the sort of dynamics of the city really shifting and we think we can help bring some of that big-city flair to Salt Lake.” Edison House will feature amenities including a fitness center, a piano parlor, billiards room, a tap room, a rooftop bar and theater, as well as an open-air pool. Utah Business.

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Trends Watch

A Look Inside the Game of Pickleball
The USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) says pickleball is America’s fastest-growing sport and especially popular among those age 55 and older. The game is a hybrid of tennis, ping pong and badminton and can be played as singles or doubles. The Club at Mediterra built three pickleball courts just over year ago and has 200 active pickleball players. C+RB.

Hospitality Technology Releases Study on Restaurant Technology
Hospitality Technology conducted a survey of restaurant operators at restaurants across the U.S. to understand the state of the industry and plans for moving forward from the pandemic. Notably, 46% of restaurant budgets will increase in 2021 compared to 2020 with 31% of IT budgets going toward rolling out and implementing new solutions. The study also shows that “79% of restaurants consider their data strategy for sales and service prediction/optimization to be only moderately, slightly, or not at all effective.” Hospitality Technology.

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On the Green

Evans Scholarship Goes to Naperville Country Club Caddie
Chris Goff, Naperville Country Club’s caddie, was awarded the prestigious Evans Scholarship by the Western Golf Association. The Evans Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship for four years and includes a housing scholarship. Goff has caddied at Naperville CC for three years and has caddied 160 rounds of golf. The Golf Wire.

Today is National Walking Day
Today, April 7, is the 14th annual National Walking Day and the Bag Boy Company is encouraging golfers around the country to celebrate by walking the course. Bag Boy provides golfers with 3-wheel and 4-wheel push cars as well as a Tracker accessory which tracks golfers time, distance and calories burned while walking with a pushcart. The Golf Wire.

Diversity & Inclusion

RSM Shares 2020 Diversity Report
RSM released their 2020 Diversity Report Inclusion: An Evolving Mosaic—a comprehensive and interactive report that showcases the company’s culture, diversity and inclusion (CDI) initiatives. The report includes letters from RSM leadership on inclusion, company goals, information on employee network groups launched by the company, current breakdown of company diversity and more. RSM.

Transforming Employee Engagement Through Value-Driven Leadership
Increasingly, executives are being held accountable for their behavior outside of the organization, especially when that behavior does not align with company values. CEO behavior is tied directly to performance and bottom-line results which is causing dramatic shifts in the ways leaders engage with customers, employees and investors and is forcing leaders to think about employee mental health, well-being and sense of inclusion as it relates to productivity and engagement. “That kind of shift in leadership thinking is rapidly becoming the norm as executives discover that treating employees with respect and aligning company strategy with core values results in a more loyal and engaged workforce.” Chief Learning Officer.

Operations and Membership

New Employee Benefits When Reopening Office Spaces
Employers can best utilize their benefit programs as offices begin to reopen and employees return to in-person workplaces by providing incentives for healthy behavior, offering employee assistance and helping to manage diseases. Offering employees incentives to get the coronavirus vaccine may emerge as a trend similar to fitness workshops, offering classes on healthy eating, smoking cessation programs and health risk assessments. Employers can also offer employee assistance to aid employees facing a variety of challenges when returning to the office. Law360.

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