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NCA Member Alert: Stick it to COVID-19: Support the Vaccine

COVID-19 Separated Us. Vaccines are Bringing Us Together.

In order to safely resume normal club operations, staff, members and guests need to have confidence that club facilities are safe, and employees are protected from COVID-19. In addition to ensuring industry standards for sanitation, a critical action that clubs can take is to encourage your staff to get a vaccination as soon as vaccinations are available. 

Here are some ways you can support the vaccine:
Reduce any existing barriers employees face in getting vaccinated,
Encourage social distancing and mask-wearing at the club, and
Share with employees relevant, accurate information regarding the vaccines.

Commit to:
Instill confidence that your club campus is safe,
Help your community return to pre-pandemic levels of socialization and recreation, and
Ensure your clubs and staff are prepared to safely welcome members and guests again as soon as possible.

Stick it to COVID-19 Resources

The National Club Association shares the latest vaccine resources on the Coronavirus Resource Center to keep club leaders up-to-date on vaccine information and guidance.  

Resources include:

  • Workplace guidance
  • Vaccine FAQs
  • Vaccine finder showing vaccine locations nearest you
  • Vaccine distribution tracking 
  • Federal guidance from the U.S. Chamber, OSHA and the CDC.

Dr. Catherine Troisi, PhD, Infectious Disease Epidemiologist, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston joined the National Club Association’s Coronavirus Townhall: One Year Later on March 16. Dr. Troisi shares the latest in COVID-19 vaccines in this 12-minute video

See the full webcast here.