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CIB: Hospitality Industry Insight: How Country Clubs Are Thriving

Industry Update

Hospitality Industry Insight: How Country Clubs Are Thriving

In the hospitality industry, insight shows that an increased interest in golf, the prioritization of safety and creating value for members, and a recurring revenue dues model account for the survival of country clubs amidst the pandemic. Country clubs were able to benefit from increased golf play—especially as travel and other competing activities were curtailed. In the Greater Boston area, clubs recorded healthy membership retention and continued interest in joining, and established marketplaces where they could sell groceries, prepared foods and provide a-la-carte curbside pick-up service. Member dues helped provide a safety net and encouraged innovation. Cornell SC Johnson College of Business.

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Trends Watch

Report Finds Hospitality Industry Experiences 10-Year Setback from Pandemic

The American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) estimates that the pandemic eliminated more than 10 years of job growth, with a full industry recovery not expected until 2024. The State of the Hotel Industry 2021 report shows nearly 4 million hospitality jobs and 670,000 hotel industry operation jobs were lost in 2020 due to the pandemic. “We, along with airlines and restaurants, were the first hurt and the worst hurt,” says Chip Rogers, the president and CEO of the AHLA. NPR and US News.

Cayuga Hospitality Consultants Announces 2021 Predictions

Hospitality consultants brace leaders for a slow recovery. Learn experts’ suggestions, cautions and opportunities for 2021 through rethinking the past, embracing the present, and protecting the future. Successful leaders have reinvented their businesses and pushed themselves to create new reality. Cayuga Hospitality Consultants.

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Outdoor Activities, Home Fitness and Other Fitness Trends

On the Green

Golf Market Trends of 2021 from Sports & Leisure Research Group

Sports and Leisure Research Group presented “Beyond the Pandemic,” a trends report at the PGA Merchandise Show on Jan. 28, featuring the new golfer and consumer research from its Back-to-Normal Barometer. Insight covered pent-up demand, ideas on the new normal and what it’s going to take to bring consumers back. Data shows that golfers have been more confident throughout the pandemic and are more likely to be ready to stay at a hotel or resort when compared to sports fans in general. Sports and Leisure Research Group.

Jim Nantz Reflects on Friendship with Arnold Palmer

Jim Nantz, CBS Sports Host since 1985, covered the Super Bowl, the Masters, basketball’s Final Four and spoke at the memorial service for Arnold Palmer. Nantz reflects on Palmer and a memory shared at Palmer’s memorial service. Nantz says, “Arnold made people feel special. He was brilliant at that and he cared. It wasn’t hard work for him to extend himself and to shake hands, sign every autograph and to look people in the eye. He loved people and that is the bottom line, and he enjoyed the fact that people loved him back.” Kingdom.

BraeBurn Celebrates 90th Anniversary with Extensive Renovation Project

BraeBurn renovations, led by Tripp Davis and Associates, will include rebuilding and reshaping all the greens, trees and bunkers into a more classical style. New Northbridge Bermuda grass will be installed with upgraded drainage and a new irrigation system. BraeBurn General Manager Dan Olson says, “Tripp has created a timeless design built on a vision that will sustain interest, character and challenging yet friendly golf for all levels of play.” Golf Week.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Remembering Golf Legend Charlie Sifford

Jimmie James, former ExxonMobil executive who completed his charge to play all of Golf Digest America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses in 2018 says Charlie Sifford was the golf figure who most influenced his path in the game. Sifford was the first African American to compete on the PGA Tour. “Charlie is my inspiration to continue to play at not only the top courses in America, but also the top courses around the world so that someday soon it’s not uncommon for others to see Blacks in these places of privilege.” Golf Digest.

Champ Celebrates Black History Month by Highlighting Black-owned Small Businesses

Cameron Champ, a 25-year-old Black player with status on the PGA Tour, will feature a different Black-owned small business each week on his golf bag throughout the month of February. Champ also committed to donating money to the featured business if he averages better than his season-long 318-yard drive distance average. “I just want to do something a little different since we’re still dealing with all these issues and smaller business owners are taking a pretty big hit,” Champ said. Golf Digest.

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Operations and Membership

Managing Diverse Labor Unions in the Hospitality Industry

Managers are challenged with understanding labor union contracts and job classifications in order to adhere to labor union terms and avoid additional labor costs. By being open minded and asking questions, managers can better lead in a union labor environment. Cayuga Hospitality Consultants.

5 Key Traits for the Ideal Worker in the New Workforce

As work situations experienced rapid change, experts say the ideal worker for the new workforce may hold different qualities. Ideal workers will welcome change and are able to quickly adapt in their thinking and actions. Team players and collaborators become even more important as telework arrangements can impede communication and collaboration. Chief Learning Officer.

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