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Club Trends Outlook 2024

Download Publication Features Planning for 2024: Challenges, Trends Clubs Can Expect   Still Much Work to be Done   New Momentum for Strategic Planning   Taking on the Capital Challenge   Getting Smarter with AI   Helping F&B Gain Favor   Bringing Finesse to Finance

Getting Smarter with AI

One certainty for 2024 is that it will bring reports of new ways to apply artificial intelligence (AI), both in personal lives and for virtually every type of business and organization. Another certainty is that there will continue to be growing confusion about just what

Planning for 2024: Challenges, Trends Clubs Can Expect

Many clubs nationwide have enjoyed the benefits of a post-pandemic world, including increased club activity and long waitlists to join. They expect a positive 2024–at least, those that continue to evolve and address its challenges. Positive Economic Signs Another year removed from the COVID-19 pandemic

AI and F&B: A Necessary Evil?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has come under fire, even from those who are in the forefront of advancing its development, as a potential “evil” that could grow, if not properly controlled, to exert dangerous consequences on all of humanity. But momentum continues for efforts to apply

Club Trends Winter 2023: High Tech, High Touch

Download Publication Features Tech RisingNew Ways Technology Intertwines with Our Lives Pulse Survey: Boosting Sustainability Efforts with Technology Getting Club Facilities Under Control High-tech Links to an "Inside Look" Tech Trends Hit--and Miss--for Clubs Guarding Against Cybersecurity Risks High Tech Achieves High TouchClub embrace news

Pulse Survey: Boosting Sustainability Efforts with Technology

Last October, a Pulse Survey was sent to McMahon Group’s database of clubs to gauge current levels of attention being paid to energy efficiency, water conservation and other sustainable practices in club operations. The results, when compared to those from a similar survey conducted in

Guarding Against Cybersecurity Risks

Club membership has its privileges—but with that privilege comes heightened risk for threats to the security of information about club members, who can be especially appealing as individual targets for cyberbandits seeking access to their personal data, and to clubs themselves, as potential victims of