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Tag: technology

Ready or Not, Here Zoom Comes

Integrating the Virtual Club Experience Technology is everything that doesn’t work yet,” observed Danny Hillis who, as it turns out, is actually a big fan of technology. He’s a successful entrepreneur who pioneered the concept of parallel computers and part-time MIT professor whose wry definition

What does our board need to know about cybersecurity?

CYBERSECURITY is a threat to your club. The club manager in a Nebraska club faced the unhappy task of calling his members to tell them that their personal information has been hacked from the club’s records. The members’ reactions were predictably along the lines of “How

Data Privacy Compliance

It’s another beautiful day at the club and guess what you just found out? An incident with loss of personal information (PI) has occurred. In the last few years companies such as American Golf, Arcis Golf, Billy Casper Golf, Golf 18 Network and many others

Desert Mountain Club: Blazing Trails with the Interactive Trail Guide

Desert Mountain Club in Scottsdale, Ariz., recently unveiled an innovative technology that provides hikers critical information to selecting and enjoying the club’s 20-mile private trail system—via QR code. Members and their guests take more than 12,000 hikes each year on Desert Mountain’s trails, consisting of

Society-shaping Trends for 2020: Keeping Pace with the Times

Massive trends are shaping society, readjusting behaviors, preferences and priorities for millions of Americans. Many of these trends will continue to become more pervasive, making it imperative for clubs to understand and acknowledge how they can impact their own environments. TECHNOLOGY Technology has dramatically changed