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Tag: Pulse Survey

What’s the Pulse on Branding?

Earlier this spring, McMahon Group conducted a Pulse Survey of our industry to learn more from club leaders about the issue of branding. This targeted survey received 314 responses from clubs all across the world. Below are some key takeaways from the results: Strategic Planning

Taking a Pulse of the Club Industry: Outlook Survey for 2019

In late 2018, McMahon Group conducted its annual Pulse Survey of the club industry asking managers and club leaders about a variety of issues related to clubs. From membership to communications, here are the report highlights from 319 club executives: Membership Issues Only 39 percent

What’s the Pulse on Governance?

What’s the Pulse on Governance? Here’s what clubs have told us about their governance practices in 2018   DO you have a …. Mission Statement: 83% yes | 17% no Vision Statement: 56% yes | 44% no List of Core Values: 66% yes | 34%

Taking Golf’s Pulse

McMahon Group conducted a Pulse Survey earlier this year to learn about issues and trends related to golf in private clubs. There were a total of 329 responses to the survey. Below are highlights from the report, which had 329 responses. GOLF FACILITIES & PROGRAMS

Pulse Survey Review 2017

McMahon Group conducted their Annual Pulse Survey late last year to gather feedback about topics related to private clubs, ranging from membership trends to human resources to operational issues. Following is a summary of the results from the 445 managers and executives who responded MEMBERSHIP