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Tag: membership satisfaction

F&B Strategies That Satisfy

When private clubs turn their attention to long-range strategic planning, they usually think of focusing on broad areas such as governance, facilities and membership development. Specific aspects of an operation such as a food-and-beverage program are often viewed as a secondary consideration, if indeed they

Getting to What Matters in Member Satisfaction

There is no way to make every member happy. No matter what a club does, someone will always be unhappy. Some members will never be satisfied. These are all common sentiments in the club industry, as member satisfaction is a complex topic, even on the

How Generational Diversity Shapes Long-Term Planning

Data-driven leadership reaches beyond the club’s finances. The most important club facet is the membership experience, and very few businesses have as much insight on their customers as private clubs. There is significant room for advancement in data-driven insight that can flow from analyzing the

Finding the Right Balance: Interlachen Country Club

Joel Livingood, the general manager and COO at Interlachen Country Club in Edina, Minn., finds that the principal challenge in this modern era, especially for those in the private club industry, lands squarely on whether the club member’s experience is exceptional or merely ordinary. “The

Creating Magic for Members: 100 New Things

In the club world, inspiration for new services, programs, events and facilities can be drawn from many sources and directions, taking various shapes, styles and forms. At the Detroit Athletic Club (DAC), we are often inspired by hearing our members’ ideas and responding in a

Changing Lifestyles: The Importance of Reinvention

WHEN I STARTED working in the private golf and country club industry more than 40 years ago, golf, cards in the men’s locker and dressy family dinners in a dining room of white tablecloths, hunter green carpet and burgundy chairs were the status quo. Clubs

Transformation through Data

Twenty miles outside of Chicago in Glenview, Ill., you will find Valley Lo Club (VLC) perched on the banks of a picturesque 28-acre lake. Members enjoy numerous amenities year-round including a beach with water sports, an executive golf course, tennis, paddle tennis, fitness facilities and