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Bringing Finesse to Finance

In the realm of private clubs, the importance of robust financial leadership cannot be overstated. As clubs navigate a rapidly evolving landscape and ramp up their capital expenditures, as described in other articles in this issue, it is crucial to redefine their financial leadership needs

Alignment and Understanding

The Governance Survey is conducted annually and is also used with individual clubs when we are preparing for board orientations, supplemented by the gathering of numerous supporting documents from the General Manager. Wherever possible, we also compare the survey responses with factual data to identify

The Great Economic Uncertainty

Recession or not, inflation is wreaking havoc on consumers and businesses. What does that mean for your club? Everyone wants to know if we are in a recession, or if we had one earlier this year. We definitely had the (what used to be anyway)

What are the benefits of Leasing vs. Buying in Today’s Economy

WHEN ECONOMIC conditions signal changes may be ahead, it’s difficult for businesses to project future revenue. Yet for golf courses, the grass keeps growing and courses need to be maintained. That requires equipment. In warm-season markets with heavy year-round use, it’s essential to refresh your

Is cash king?

Clubs need cash to operate and simply looking at your club’s cash balance isn’t enough. Measuring and monitoring liquidity are critical to understanding your ability to meet your obligations and invest in your future. Monitoring liquidity on a monthly basis makes it easier to stay

Zero-based Capital Budgeting

Florida Yacht Club, our featured club in this issue, is a tremendous example of a club’s leaders embracing a zero-based approach to capital budgeting and taking the necessary steps to set their club on a path of continuous improvement. I was first introduced to the

How is inflation affecting the dues dollar?

As clubs continue to navigate through all the regulations relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, another obstacle has emerged—surging inflation. When businesses began to re-open, consumers returned in force to spend money. This, combined with federal stimulus programs, a low interest rate environment, a soaring stock