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Workplace Culture and Retention

Unless you’ve built a club from the ground up, every one of us has inherited a workforce, and for that matter, a club’s workplace culture. Some of us have walked into organizations where the service culture functions as the cornerstone of the operation and others

Club Culture: The Winds of Change

Culture is the glue that holds societies together. It unites; it motivates; it enables. However, because culture is pervasive and shared, we often fail to observe its role in our lives. Signs of culture surround us in a variety of forms: work, art, leisure. Yet

Governance = Private Club Culture: Creating Strong Club Culture

“CULTURE EATS STRATEGY for breakfast,” said management guru Peter Drucker. For clubs, culture is governance, and private club strategy—no matter how good and well-conceived—will be a victim to poor governance. According to Fred Laughlin, nonprofit governance expert and an associate at Global Golf Advisors (GGA),

Building a Winning Service Culture

As you can see from the breadth of subjects focusing on club dining and food and beverage within this issue of Club Trends, a lot goes into putting together a great food program. Purchasing, menu planning, preparation and cooking, facility design and scheduling are just

Taking on Tech: Merging Technology with Club Culture

Technology today is mostly about software; sometimes the software is “wrapped in hardware” such as a smartphone or moisture sensor, and sometimes it’s a software product such as a reservation system, but it’s useful to think of all this technology as software. Why has computer

Weaving Wellness into the Club Fabric

As we look at life around us in 2015, one issue that is everywhere is a concern and goal to have a healthy lifestyle. We see it in the food we eat and how it is prepared. We see it in everyday life with less