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Category: Club Trends

Keeping an Eye on the Outside World and Life in General

The results of McMahon Group’s Outlook 2024 Pulse Survey exuded an overall tone of continued post-pandemic confidence among the leadership of private clubs. Even the added uncertainty of an approaching election year and the lingering threat of inflation and potential corrections to avoid a slip

Outlook 2024: For Clubs, The Future’s Still Bright

In November 2023, a McMahon Group Pulse Survey was sent to McMahon’s database of clubs, asking for club leaders’ assessments of 2023 and their outlook for 2024 and beyond. Here are some highlights of key findings from the survey results; additional results as they relate

New Lessons in Leadership

Leadership is both technical (the management side) and visionary (the strategic side). No one follows a leader for long who is not caring and visionary. In the end, excellence in leadership is a moral endeavor. The only way morality makes sense is when it’s based

New Tracks for Golf Course Maintenance

Two aspects promise to gain momentum for the year ahead in the management of agronomy and golf course maintenance departments: DUAL ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT TRACKS. Traditionally, golf course maintenance operations have been intensely focused on hiring or developing assistant superintendents to become future superintendents. But situations

Scoring New Points with Racquets Programs

In 2024, the racquets industry will continue with massive growth in a changing environment. Now more than ever, it is critical that clubs and their racquets professionals continue to stay relevant by thinking and acting creatively in these areas: CONTINUED EVOLUTION OF RACQUET SPORTS FACILITIES.

Golf Keeps Going Strong

More than 40% (41.2%) of respondents to the McMahon Group’s Outlook 2024 Pulse Survey saw an increase in golf rounds in 2023 compared to 2022, while 37.9% saw rounds stay at the same level and 21.0% saw a decrease. For the industry overall in 2023,

Making the Workplace Work Better

Nearly two-thirds of respondents to the Outlook 2024 Pulse Survey chose workforce issues as their greatest area of concern when choosing from a list of factors that could affect their clubs in 2024 and the remainder of the decade. A separate open-ended question about the

Steps to Strengthen Club Governance

For the Outlook 2024 Pulse Survey question, “What do you think are the major issues affecting private clubs today?” one reply read: “Lack of volunteerism within the club, from committee involvement to sitting on the board of directors. Our newer members are not as engaged

Bringing Finesse to Finance

In the realm of private clubs, the importance of robust financial leadership cannot be overstated. As clubs navigate a rapidly evolving landscape and ramp up their capital expenditures, as described in other articles in this issue, it is crucial to redefine their financial leadership needs

Helping F&B Gain Favor

One constant factor contributing to the disconnect between members wanting their club to be a favorite place for dining and actually considering it as such is how food and beverage professionals are always challenged to be more creative while keeping club traditions. Popular trends for