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Keeping an Eye on the Outside World and Life in General

The results of McMahon Group’s Outlook 2024 Pulse Survey exuded an overall tone of continued post-pandemic confidence among the leadership of private clubs. Even the added uncertainty of an approaching election year and the lingering threat of inflation and potential corrections to avoid a slip back toward a possible recession failed to dampen respondents’ overall optimism.

Nearly half (47.7%) of survey respondents felt there will be no change in the impact of the current economy on their clubs during 2024, while 29.3% felt it will have a better (24.6%) or much better (4.7%) impact, and only 23.0% felt it will have a worse (20.8%) or much worse (2.2%) impact.

When asked, however, about the areas outside the club world of greatest concern to them in 2024 and the remainder of the decade, respondents said they’d keep their eyes on a wide variety of potentially disruptive factors:

Other specific responses for areas of concern included:

  • Aging memberships.
  • Oil and gas prices.
  • The property insurance market.
  • Weather and climate-related events.

Further insight into how club leaders will be watching developments in the world at large and changing lifestyles in general came through the wide range of responses to “What do you think are the major issues affecting private clubs today?” Here’s just a sampling of the many thoughtful answers that were provided:

“For city clubs, it’s the city environment, safety and getting people to return to the office.”

“Competition with other activities that draw the time of members, particularly obligations related to sports and things that keep younger families busier than ever.”

“The need to keep investing to make the club as attractive as any other experience a member has in a hotel, resort or vacation experience.”

“Remaining relevant to changing demo- graphics and experiential, off-course golf offerings.

“Member attitudes, as the world has created more individuals ‘wanting it now,’ rather than being patient.”

“The new influx of younger members who don’t under- stand clubs and expect more than clubs can offer while remaining affordable.”