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Category: Club Business

Alignment and Understanding

The Governance Survey is conducted annually and is also used with individual clubs when we are preparing for board orientations, supplemented by the gathering of numerous supporting documents from the General Manager. Wherever possible, we also compare the survey responses with factual data to identify

Bridging the Education Gap with Facts

During the last five years, we have been studying findings from the Club Benchmarking Governance Survey, a tool we use to evaluate board alignment and understanding of key issues. The research confirms our field-based observation that while most volunteer leaders are well intentioned, a large

Forging a Path to Data-driving Leadership

During my interview for the general manager position at Florida Yacht Club (FYC) in May 2014, I had a brief meeting with Clubhouse Manager Billy Mayo. Knowing he had been with the club since 2004, I asked what he saw as FYC’s biggest challenge. His

Zero-based Capital Budgeting

Florida Yacht Club, our featured club in this issue, is a tremendous example of a club’s leaders embracing a zero-based approach to capital budgeting and taking the necessary steps to set their club on a path of continuous improvement. I was first introduced to the

Building a Legacy

In 1876, William B. Astor Jr., brought what was the largest private yacht in Florida to Jacksonville and established what is today one of the oldest oldest yacht clubs in the country. I certainly did not give that much thought when I joined the board

Data-Driven Leadership: What is the Alternative?

The Jim Collins book “Good to Great,” widely reviewed as one of the best business books of all time, was published in October 2001. In my technology days, I had the fortune of working closely with a person, who while studying for his MBA at

Transforming a Paradigm Pioneer

We all have those moments in our personal and professional lives. The ones that get frozen in time. For me, one of the most significant happened at the intersection of Green Island Road and Diamond Causeway on Skidaway Island, just outside of the main gates