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Author: Phil Mike

Racquet Rebound: Demand for Racquet Sports Surges

While golf has received much of the recent attention in the club and sports world due to its pandemic spike in participation, racquet sports like tennis, pickleball and the emerging padel continue to gain popularity among a growing number of demographics. In turn, games involving

Teed Up for Success: Golf’s New Opportunities

One of the biggest benefactors of the COVID-19 pandemic has been golf. Offering a socially distant outdoor activity with scenic views and fresh air as well as the opportunity for players to see friends and meet new ones, golf provided renewed value to first time

Technology Spending

RELATIVE TO MOST OTHER INDUSTRIES, clubs have been slow to adopt technological advancements over the past two decades. An abrupt introduction to concepts like virtual member service and remote work over the last 18 months likely has some clubs reconsidering how they prioritize investments in

Investing in Your People: Strategies for Effective Orientations

Strategies for Effective Orientations that Lead to Success  COVID-19 revealed that strong culture guides and strengthens businesses, through their more perilous challenges. One of the key elements of a strong culture is an effective orientation process, which provides the foundation for the long-term success of staff and boards.   Why Orientation