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NCA’s Washington Weekly Update 3-7-22

Situational Awareness
The House and Senate are in session this week. The continuing resolution the federal government has been operating under expires Friday, March 11. House Democrats have scheduled votes through Wednesday this week and then will break for their annual retreat in Philadelphia. The Senate will be in session all week and will finish consideration of a postal reform bill while work continues on an omnibus spending bill to fund the federal government.

Spending Bill Top Priority This Week
Before leaving Washington for a weeklong recess period, Congress passed a continuing resolution to keep the government funded through March 11, buying time to work out funding bills for fiscal year 2022, which began on OA $1.5 trillion omnibus spending bill to fund the federal government is the top priority of both the House and Senate this week. The continuing resolution the federal government is currently operating under expires at midnight Friday. Members of the House and Senate Appropriations Committee have been working on the spending package over the weekend and may include an additional $22.5 billion for COVID-19 relief as well as $10 billion for aid to Ukraine. With House Democrats scheduled to depart for Philadelphia on Thursday, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) is aiming to hold a vote on Tuesday or Wednesday. The short turnaround time is going to jam the Senate and require unanimous consent to overcome potential procedural issues to be completed on time.

H-2B Visa Limit Reached
The 33,000-visa limit on the H-2B program was reached February 25 and the authority for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to release additional visas expires March 11. The National Club Association (NCA) and our allied organizations are urging House and Senate Appropriators as well as leadership in both chambers to include H-2B cap relief in the omnibus spending package due for consideration this week. In addition to extending the authorization in the omnibus package, there have been bipartisan efforts to request DHS release the supplemental visas immediately before the authorization expires.

State of the Union Recap
The Biden Administration has warned for weeks that Russian troops are prepared to move into Ukraine imminently and President Biden is set to deliver the annual State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday evening. The president is expected to focus on the rapid developments in Ukraine, where the situation appears to be deteriorating by the hour. In addition to events in Ukraine, the president is likely to tout job growth since the start of his administration and investments in infrastructure. He is also expected to address growing concerns about inflation that have undermined his economic message for months and contributed greatly to falling approval ratings that have hovered at or below 40% for months. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds (R) will deliver the Republican response and is expected to capitalize on voters’ frustration about inflation and dissatisfaction with the President’s handling of that and other domestic issues such as crime, immigration and border security. Progressive lawmaker Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) will deliver a response as well.

Forced Arbitration Measure Signed into Law
Last week, President Biden signed legislation to prohibit enforcement of contract provisions that mandate third-party arbitration of workplace sexual assault or harassment claims. The bill, H.R. 4445, recently passed the House and Senate with bipartisan support.

Face Mask Requirements Changing
On the week of the State of the Union address from President Biden, Washington is normally consumed with chatter about what is in and what is out of the speech before the annual joint session of Congress, but most of official D.C. is States and localities around the country are in various stages of changing or removing face mask requirements. You can see a comprehensive list of face mask requirements here, courtesy of the Littler law firm.

Congressional Redistricting Nearly Complete
The decennial redistricting process is nearly complete with only four states—Florida, Louisiana, Missouri and New Hampshire–having not finalized their maps. See the map below.

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