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NCA’s Record-Breaking 2021 and Looking Ahead

The National Club Association (NCA) marked its 60th anniversary with a record year for member service and growth. As we close 2021 and welcome the new year, we share our accomplishments that bring value to the club community:


NCA added new Corporate Partners, Club members and Associate members to mark a record year.

New Corporate Partners:

Legacy Alliance Partner
Strategic Alliance Partner
Executive Partner
Executive Partner

New Members:

  • NCA marked a record year with 84 total new members joining the organization. 
  • New Associate members totaled 30 and included a number of businesses that provide COVID-19-related products and services.

Publications and Resources

NCA began 2021 with a record-breaking 80-page issue of Club Director magazine, and also provided critical and insightful content in our magazines published with partners McMahon Group, Club Benchmarking and GGA Partners, including 4 issues of Club Trends, 2 issues of Club Businessand the inaugural issue of Club Governance, the newest magazine.

NCA ‘s COVID-19 Club Update continued to keep clubs updated on the latest news and resources for dealing with the pandemic while a redesigned Club Industry Brief focused on providing the best articles for the club community.

Special content was created for members:

On the technology front, NCA launched a new website in 2021, with more than 2,000 searchable articles and resources available for members.

The NCA App was developed for members to have NCA resources on their phones—for breaking news, access to resources and reminders to join live webcasts!


When 2021 began, there was great anticipation and some anxiety about the arrival of a new administration and new leadership in the Senate under the Democratic party. In a first for the association, NCA will be filing an amicus brief in Florida’s Appellate Court supporting an NCA member club facing an erroneous decision by the lower court that would affect every club in the state. The ruling would effectively force clubs to abide by the bylaws in effect at the time each member joined the club regardless of any amendments voted on by the membership. NCA has engaged a noted former Appellate Judge to represent us and assist with writing the amicus.

NCA submitted the following letters to legislators on these critical issues in 2021:

  • As part of the H2B Workforce Coalitionsigned on a letter sent to Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, asking him to make additional H-2B visas available to seasonal businesses that need H-2B workers this spring and summer.
  • NCA signed on to a letter urging Congress to extend the application deadline for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) through December 31, 2021. 
  • As a member of the Coalition for a Democratic Workforce, NCA signed on to a letter urging Congress to reject the PRO Act. 
  • NCA joined with allies to urge Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh to release additional H-2B visas needed to address staffing issues when U.S. workers are not available. 
  • NCA sent a letter to the House and Senate Small Business Committees asking for clarification on 501(c)(7) clubs’ inclusion in the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.
  • NCA signed onto a letter sent to the Committee on Appropriations and Subcommittee on Labor, HHS, Education, & Related Agencies to remove language from an appropriations bill that would categorically restrict numerous industries from participating in the H-2B program.
  • NCA signed on to a WOTUS letter requesting implementation of a virtual national roundtable to include regional comments and broader stakeholder engagement concerning the definition of “Waters of the United States.”
  • NCA produced 41 issues of Washington Weekly Update to keep members apprised of activities on the Hill.

GR Outreach & Collaboration

NCA hosted a webcast with Rep. Kevin Brady (R- Texas), the highest-ranking Republican on the Ways and Means Committee for an insider look at what to expect from Congress.

Interviews for Club Director magazine with Democratic and Republican leaders included Rep. Adrian Smith (R-Neb.), Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett (D-USVI) and Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.).

Government Relations Speaking Engagements in 2021 included:

  • Pabian Law/Seasonal Connect Summit (9/22)
  • HFTP HITEC Conference (9/29)
  • MGA President’s Council (10/18)
  • CMAA Upper Midwest Chapter Master Speaker Series (10/25)
  • TARO Conference (10/26)
  • California State Club Association (11/11)
  • Two appearances on Private Club Radio

In 2021, NCA’s political action committee, ClubPAC, raised $36,780 and spent $3,500. We end 2021 with $116,000 cash on hand. NCA also hosted a ClubPAC dinner on September 13 in Washington, D.C.


NCA’s 2021 National Club Conference provided the club community’s first in-person conference in more than a year. Held at Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Fla., the conference offered a virtual component as well.

NCA hosted more than 20 webcasts with more than 2,000 webcast attendees and participated in a new webcast with partner McMahon Group following publication of each issue of Club Trends.

NCA also continued the successful Coronavirus Townhall Webcast series which included a 1-year anniversary webcast on March 16.


Looking Ahead

NCA has much planned for the new year! Look forward to these exciting new activities and projects: 

  • Approval and implementation of NCA’s five-year strategic plan.
  • NCA is working with GGA Partners to conduct a comprehensive survey on club governance practices
  • The NCA Governance Committee is developing tools and resources for clubs on governance standards.
  • Iowa State University is conducting a survey with NCA member clubs to evaluate Value Co-Creation among club members, staff and board directors. A three-part series will present findings in Club Director in 2022.
  • More timely webcasts are slated for the 2022 year, with a 3-part Cybersecurity Webcast Series along with an Employment Policy webcast in January. View calendar here.
  • Follow NCA on LinkedIn and Twitter to learn more about our initiatives to support the club community!

The 2022 National Club Conference will take place in Charleston, S.C., May 15-17.

A Closing Note

As NCA ends a successful year, Cindy Vizza is set to close out her career with NCA as she retires in early January. Vizza has been with NCA for 15 years and has led the development of numerous publications and member resources while serving as editor and vice president of communications. Cindy’s professionalism, dedication to the members and willingness to take on any task or challenge are the reason that NCA’s publications and resources are the best in the industry.

Thank you for being a part of NCA’s incredible year—we look forward to next year!


Katina Cavagnaro
Denise Draper
John Good
Phil Mike
Joe Trauger
Cindy Vizza
Henry Wallmeyer