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CIB: The Temperature Isn’t the Only Thing Hot in Florida, Housing Boom Continues

Industry Update

The Temperature Isn’t the Only Thing Hot in Florida, Housing Boom Continues

Private home and membership sales have continued to rise at south Florida clubs and private club communities remains in high demand. The need for safety, space and a like-minded community has been fueling the demand that boasts an average home sale every other day of the last year, says John Jorritsma of The Club at Ibis. C+RB.

DuPont CC Continues to Change as New Owners Take the Lead

Former DuPont vice president Don Wirth and venture capitalist/family scion Ben du Pont join to lead DuPont through the future. DuPont CC, who’s namesake comes from the corporate entity, opened their new pool complex in June 2020 as part of the large renovation project at the club. Additional plans include a new fitness center measuring more than 19,000-square-feet and philosophy changes centered around making the club more exclusive to working families. Delaware Today.

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Trends Watch

McKinsey & Company’s Global Leader Kevin Sneader Talks Trends

Kevin Sneader and senior partner Celia Huber discuss the eight trends shaping the post COVID-19 economy in a recent interview. Sneader says the first trend is innovation, acknowledging some of humankind’s greatest achievements have come from challenging times. Sneader also adds consumer behavior around digital engagement and a focus on the environment and green energy to the top of the trends list. McKinsey & Company.

Superstar Cities Make a Comeback

As remote work allowed workers the flexibility to move out of congested cities some worried the impact would be everlasting. New data points point to a growing demand for city-life as home sales reach their highest point in over a decade in Manhattan and San Francisco. Restaurant traffic has also jumped by 192% since the start of 2021 in major cities across the country including L.A., N.Y., Chicago and Boston. Axios.

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On the Green

Pelham CC Becomes ‘Environmental Leader’ After Quest for Water Independence

Pelham Country Club in Pelham Manor, N.Y., began golf course renovations that started as a quest for water independence after the club began to flood on a regular basis. The three-part renovation project focused on water independence, improving the quality of holes and member enjoyment and decreasing the property’s environmental footprint. The success of the project earned the club the Environmental Leaders in Golf Award. C+RB.

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Diversity & Inclusion

The Road Looks Long for Supply Chain Diversity

Even amidst diversity efforts, supply chain and logistics companies rarely have minorities and women in executive ranks. Racial minorities in logistics positions are predominately found in blue-collar roles like warehouse workers and delivery drivers and are disproportionally held by men. The CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge sees support from logistics companies like United Parcel Service, Atlas Air, Union Pacific and more to address the underrepresentation of minorities and women within the industry. WSJ.

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Operations and Membership

Clubs Find Creative Staffing Solution Among a Post-COVID Workforce

The labor shortage clubs are facing are not the result of one single issue, rather a combination of many factors including the rising cost of education, old-school mentalities, low wages, loss of seasoned cooks and more. As clubs across the country look to recruit employees some are offering increased wages, actively engaging in with community organizations and funding the continuing education of cooks and chefs. Cypress Woods Golf & Country Club in Naples, Fla., launched a starter program giving hands-on training to migrant students while Desert Highlands Golf Club is crafting a new internship program at the club. C+RCC+RB & C+RB.

GGA Partners Share Key to Building Brand Loyalty and Member Referrals

GGA Partners believes the key to effective member recruitment is seen in your Net Promotor Score (NPS), which will help to understand the response you will receive. NPS differs from members’ overall satisfaction, asking questions about the likelihood of recommending or referring the club to others. The keys to developing and tracking your NPS include keeping the questions consistent, ask supporting questions, keep questions brief and measure NPS frequently. GGA Partners.

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