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CIB: Have Workers Moved on For Good From Hospitality?

Industry Update

Have Workers Moved on For Good From Hospitality?

Economists say the labor market shift away from hospitality could be a lasting one, as many workers took stock of the pandemic’s toll on the industry during the pandemic and decided to move onto another industry. The share of U.S. restaurant and hotel workers leaving their jobs hit a two-decade high in May at 5.7%, according to the Labor Department. Though the industry added jobs in June, employment in the industry remains down by 1.3 million jobs since the pandemic began. Among those working in travel and recreation, which include jobs such as catering managers, banquet servers and pastry chefs, 79% indicated they had moved to a new industry. WSJ.

Newton Yacht Club Hosts Paralyzed Veterans Annual Fishing Tournament

The New England Paralyzed Veterans of America Bass Trail’s 22nd annual fishing tournament was held at the Newton Yacht Club on June 5. Local volunteers included nurses, boat captains and members of the Nam Knights Motorcycle Club. Volunteers helped disabled anglers participate in the event by making the event accessible for those in wheelchairs and helping veterans get on and off the boats. Boston Globe.

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Trends Watch

New Study Shows Changes in Hotel Guest Behavior During Pandemic

As the hotel industry pivoted during the pandemic, hotel guests did too, reports a new Honeywell study. Occupancy patterns changed as more guests were staying in their rooms for longer periods of time. The study showed that in major cities in the US, less than 15% of rented guest rooms were left unoccupied during the daytime over the past year. Hospitality Tech.

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On the Green

Golf’s New Look: Welcoming and Inclusivity

The aging demographic of devoted recreational golfers in the US has forced the industry to evaluate how to appeal to new players. Mike Miles, a 59-year-old PGA Tour player said, “We have to make golf not so serious,” as he watched a young man on the first tee in bare feet. Some within the industry have embraced relaxation across the sport as a way to appeal to younger players. C+RB.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Gates Foundation Focuses on Women’s Empowerment, $2.1B Pledge

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced plans to spend $2.1 billion over the next five years on programs focused on women’s empowerment, marking the largest amount for a single commitment the foundation has made in more than two decades of work. The funding will help women obtain training and financial services, increase access to contraceptives and help women elevate to leadership roles in health, law and economics. WSJ.

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Operations and Membership

Attracting & Retaining Great Employees

Being employee-focused is equally as important being member-focused at the club, especially as clubs struggle to find and retain great employees. By recruiting with retention in mind, training for the vision and mission of the club and providing clear paths for advancement, clubs can attract great talent and keep them at the club. GGA Partners.

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