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CIB: Emerging Trends & Challenges by GGA Partners

Industry Update

Emerging Trends & Challenges Released by GGA Partners

GGA Partners released a report from more than 500 club leaders who weighed in on trends, challenges and pressing needs in club management. The report looks at five key areas: industry outlooks and the ripple effects of COVID-19, human resources and workforce demands, the membership experience, value proposition and programming, capital planning and long-range improvement strategies and financial position, budgeting and forecasting. The Golf Wire.

Club + Resort Business Released Top Ranked Racquet Facilities Across the US

Club + Resort Business’ new top racquet facility rankings consider data for the type of court, number of courts at the property, retail space for racquet-specific facilities, average total monthly plays, member usage and more. The top three clubs are Baltimore Country Club in Baltimore, Md., BallenIsles Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., and The Philadelphia Cricket Club in Philadelphia. C+RB.

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Trends Watch

Working from Home Has Reshaped Workers

Workers who’ve been remote during the pandemic have grown accustomed to changes and will expect far greater independence when returning to the office. After more than a year apart, bosses and managers can expect to rebuild relationships with staff when returning to the office. For many, values and the level of autonomy have changed and will not bounce back overnight. WSJ and Axios.

Golf Gets a New Look as Luxury Brands Appeal to Younger Players

Luxury brands and retailers have ditched technical performance wear for style in an attempt to appeal to the influx of young players across golf and tennis. Among these brands are Casablanca, Alex Eagle Sporting Club and Manors. These brands offer “cool” style pieces with a balance between luxury and sportswear. C+RB.

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On the Green

Women’s Golf Day Breaks Records

The sixth annual Women’s Golf Day was held on June 1, uniting women and girls through the game across the globe for 24 hours of community celebration. The first event was held in New Zealand, one of three new countries to join the event in 2021. The day included over 1,000 officially registered locations in more than 80 countries and set records for social media engagement using the hashtag #WomensGolfDay across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms. Women’s Golf Day.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Women Superintendents Volunteer at US Women’s Open

The US Women’s Open at the Olympic Club in San Francisco brought women together from across the industry for the game’s biggest event. Troy Flanagan, the director of golf maintenance at the Olympic Club has recruited 29 women volunteers to help his team prepare the course. Volunteers are able to network while taking care of small tasks like raking the bunkers and helping with gallery ropes. MSN.

Measuring Successful Inclusion in the Workplace

Measuring successful diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in the workplaces can be difficult to track with inclusion being the most challenging. Inclusion is the focus on a work environment where people feel accepted, respected, supported and valued. The most useful data for inclusion comes from employee feedback often done through a quick survey, focusing on seven key dimensions: fair treatment, integrating differences, decision-making, psychological safety, trust, belonging and diversity. HBR.

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Operations and Membership

Safe Data and Minimizing Damage from Data Breaches

Many advanced ransomware attacks allow hackers leverage, even if an organization has encrypted and backed-up files, if the hackers find clear-text payment or sensitive data. Ninety percent of data breaches in the hospitality and food services industries happen with point-of-sale devices. Organizations can minimize risk by devaluing data through encryption and tokenization. Hospitality Tech.

Millennial Membership Reaches High at Woodstone Country Club

The Woodstone Country Club in Danielsville, Pa., grew their “Millennial Membership” program from 175 to 325 members. The club launched the program with a limited 30 spots, which were filled within a couple of months. General manager Tim O’Neill said the membership dues for millennial members is $130 per month and do not have a food and beverage minimum but spend an average of $500 to $600 per month at the property. C+RB.

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