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CIB: Facing Culture Wars at Your Club

Industry Update

Facing Culture Wars at Your Club

As the societal divide leads headlines, the culture wars leading mainstream media could make their way to private clubs. An industry that thrives on exclusivity may be faced with the complex challenge of managing both inclusivity and exclusivity. As new generations make their way into the private club space, they bring diverse experiences and inclusive practices to the club. “Though I wholeheartedly support a private club’s right to exclusionary policies, just because they can is no reason to do so. Inclusion is good business” says Larry Hirsch. Golf Property Analysts.

8 Predictions of the New Normal in 2021 From GGA Partners

GGA Partners provides insight into eight different areas of expected change as we prepare for the “new normal” in 2021. COVID-19 has been designated an accelerator of change specifically in governance. Linda Dillenbeck, director for GGA’s communication practice, emphasizes the importance of communicating clearly and effectively as clubs incorporate change and members adapt to a new experience. GGA Partners.

Woodside Drops ‘Plantation’ in Name

Woodside Country Club, previously Woodside Plantation Country Club, has changed its name and updated their logo. General Manager Tom Carter mentioned wanting the club’s name to reflect the “warm and inviting atmosphere, genuine group of friends and diverse community culture where anyone can find a place they truly belong” as the reason behind the change. Aiken Standard.

Troon Creates Online Resource to Aid Club Leaders During COVID-19

Troon aided club leaders through the challenging times brought on by COVID-19 by developing and maintaining an online resource guide, which includes breaking health and legislative directives, best practices and messaging templates. The company made the resource “open source,” creating efficient communication throughout the entire industry. “From the beginning of the pandemic, our focus has been making sure we did all we could do to make sure all of our clients could weather this storm,” says Tim Schantz, Troon’s President and CEO. C+RB.

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Trends Watch

Social Media is Mass, Not Class, Why Luxury Brands May Be Turning Away From Social Media

The luxury fashion brand Bottega Veneta recently shut down all social media accounts without warning or explanation. Industry reports show “social media is grossly underperforming luxury companies’ expectations” for the last three years. Seen as a shock to the industry, some wonder if it could be part of a larger trend. Social media’s inconsistency in messages, ranging from recipes to pet pictures to political posts, doesn’t leave room for luxury. Unity Marketing Online.

Wellness Trends of the New Year

Some of the trends starting in the midst of COVID-19 shutdowns will continue as consumers favor touchless spa services, virtual fitness and snackable workouts. Fitness-focused consumers traded in the gym for at-home, virtual fitness offerings and longer workouts for shorter, 30-min or less sessions. The beauty industry shifts as well as many focus on above-the-mask beauty services. Mind Body Online and Club Industry.

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On the Green

The Golf Boom of 2020

PGA Professional Greg Bisconti at Saint Andrews Golf Club in New York reported membership growth from 240 to 270 in 2020; most of the new members were those under 35 and empty nesters in their late 40s and early 50s. This influx of new members—and an increase in rounds played in golf—has led to an increase in pace of play with more walkers, decreases in handicaps and an increase in golf instruction. Morning Read.

Lido Golf Club to be Re-Created

The sands of Central Wisconsin, adjacent to the Sand Valley Golf Resort, is set to be the home for the rebirth of the original Lido Golf Club, the golf club destroyed by the U.S. Navy during World War II. The re-creation is being led by Tom Doak and his Renaissance Design team, and Mike Keiser’s sons, Michael Jr. and Chris. The construction project is estimated to cost $16M and tentatively set to open in 2023. Forbes.

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Diversity & Inclusion

How to Make Companies More Equitable

Civil-rights Lawyer Cyrus Mehri uses his experience in winning some of the most significant workplace race-discrimination lawsuits to share insight on how companies can expand diversity and equity in the workplace. Mehri suggests there is a moral case, a business case and a democracy case for diversity and inclusion. Business cases often point to greater innovation among diverse groups, while Mehri argues the case for democracy includes embracing equal opportunity and upward mobility for all. WSJ.

4 Tips for Creating More Inclusive Job Descriptions

As companies face challenges of recruiting diverse candidates, focusing on updating job descriptions on an annual basis, with help from the individuals doing the job, could help bring in talent and ensure job descriptions match the position and the values of the company. Tips include lead with sensitive and thoughtful language, ditch superficial requirements and emphasizing your commitment to creating a workplace of belonging. Forbes.

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Operations and Membership

No Change from Justice Dept. on Decades-Old Music Industry Decrees

The Justice Department wrapped up a two-year investigation into the 80-year-old consent decrees that govern two groups issuing licenses to perform music publicly. The two groups, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), are designed to aid creatives in negotiating licensing deals in venues that play music for the public. LA Times.

New Restaurants & Hotels Study Shows What Guests Want Now

The restaurant and hotel industries changed rapidly during 2020 bringing in new experiences for customers. The 2020 Customer Engagement Technology Study evaluates what the customer really wants in the midst of all COVID-19 measures. When it comes to travel, 61% of respondents plan to travel in the next 12 months, with 64% of those planning to do so by car. Survey respondents indicate top areas of concern for COVID-19 at a hotel, including fitness centers, public restrooms, spas, casinos, etc., but overall respondents reported only moderate concern about exposure to COVID-19 at hotels. Hospitality Tech.

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