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Workers Compensation Issues

A part of the Club Director Reference Series Intended to help club officials handle claims, address safety concerns and obtain the best coverage for their operations. Issues related to cost controls, best medical management practices and return-to-work strategies are also discussed. © 2000 Download Publication

Job Descriptions for Management Staff

A part of the Club Director Reference Series A reference guide for club officials who are seeking to create, review or change existing job descriptions. Top management personnel are represented. © 1997 Download Publication

Independent Contractor Compliance

A part of the Club Director Reference Series Describes federal tax and wage and hour distinctions between contractors and employees. Discusses working arrangements that can minimize IRS reclassification risk, with emphasis on caddies and golf and tennis pros. © 2018, 2007, 1993. Download Publication

Club Director Reference Series

The Club Director Reference Series of technical publications is the club industry’s most trusted source for tax, privacy, legal, financial and policy information. NCA members receive this resource when they join. The individual monographs listed below provide models on issues including how to establish bylaws and rules for clubs, committee and membership guidelines,

Challenging Conversations: Women and Negotiations

Women have made incredible strides in the workforce. Since the 1970s, their participation in both the workforce and in education has dramatically increased. Today, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women outnumber men in college education across all degrees (bachelors, masters and doctorate), and

Process vs. People . . . and the Winner Is?

I OFTEN ENGAGE in conversation and even debate the question of what comes first: process or people? Should we focus on recruiting, hiring and retaining the right people or on improving business processes? Early in my career, I was always frustrated as to why people did