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Strategic Planning for Private Clubs

Strategic Planning for Private Clubs

Strategic Planning for Private Clubs covers best practices, tips, checklists, sample forms and resources all geared toward ensuring your club planning process meets your club’s individual needs and circumstances. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to strategic planning. This resource orients and educates the novice as

The Merion Cricket Club: Perpetuating a Legacy

The Merion Cricket Club (MCC) on Philadelphia’s prestigious Main Line was founded in 1865 and is distinguished for, among other things, being among the country’s oldest private clubs still thriving today. For more than150 years, MCC has been an integral part of the lives of

Meadow Club: Doing Alister MacKenzie Proud

Head north over San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and meander about 20 miles up to the heart of Marin County and you will be in the quaint town of Fairfax. What you won’t see tucked up in the oak-studded hills just below Mount Tamalpais is

Why Does Your Club Need a Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning is an activity praised as the key to all business success and loathed as a waste of time. Even among supporters, the term is often misused, most commonly when leadership states they want to develop a strategic plan, but their intention is to

Wellesley Country Club: How Forward-Thinking Leadership Wins

Located outside of Boston, Wellesley is a 350-year old college town dotted with proud old trees, handsome pre-World War II architecture, stately colonial homes, restored Victorian estates and beautifully understated Arts and Crafts bungalows. Real estate is expensive, the schools are nationally ranked, and the