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Club Trends Outlook 2024

Download Publication Features Planning for 2024: Challenges, Trends Clubs Can Expect   Still Much Work to be Done   New Momentum for Strategic Planning   Taking on the Capital Challenge   Getting Smarter with AI   Helping F&B Gain Favor   Bringing Finesse to Finance

New Momentum for Strategic Planning

While it is encouraging to see that small majorities were recorded in the responses to each question in the Pulse Survey, other results, as detailed in this issue, highlight many reasons why the percentages in both cases should be much higher. With clubs focused on

Forging a Path to Data-driving Leadership

During my interview for the general manager position at Florida Yacht Club (FYC) in May 2014, I had a brief meeting with Clubhouse Manager Billy Mayo. Knowing he had been with the club since 2004, I asked what he saw as FYC’s biggest challenge. His

Transforming a Paradigm Pioneer

We all have those moments in our personal and professional lives. The ones that get frozen in time. For me, one of the most significant happened at the intersection of Green Island Road and Diamond Causeway on Skidaway Island, just outside of the main gates