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Does Your Club Have a Whistleblower Policy?

The membership places those charged with club governance in a position of trust, which imposes a duty on them to put the interests of the membership above any individual interests. Various policies are critical for sound governance and to ensure that club procedures adhere to

Preventing Legal Risk: How to Avoid 8 Club Problems

Often at the forefront of club legal challenges are issues such as overtime, the Waters of the U.S. rule and health care, among others, that may mean wholesale changes to club operations. However, other issues that appear innocuous in comparison can be equally harmful and put

The Board Policy Manual: Aligning Authority and Accountability

Effective governance is a matter of aligning authority and accountability by clearly designating roles and responsibilities. It is folly to assign accountability when proper authority has not been directed to the person to be held accountable. Top-performing clubs exercise great diligence for ensuring that authority

Special Considerations: Members with Disabled Adult Children

As the membership demographic of private clubs in the United States ages, so do the members’ children and, as is the case with the general population, the percentage of members’ children with developmental and related disabilities and other special needs continues to rise. According to

What are Good Governance Policies for Private, Tax-Exempt Clubs?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is increasing its focus on good corporate governance for tax-exempt organizations, including tax-exempt social clubs. As of 2008, Part VI of Form 990 requests information regarding an organization’s governing body and management (Section A), policies (Section B) and disclosure (Section

Cyber Security Best Practices

Q: What are best practices that both the club Audit/Finance Committee and club employees should follow to make sure internal controls are protecting against cyber attacks? A: It almost seems commonplace when reading or listening to the news that some major corporation has fallen victim