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Leading and Listening

THE TERMS “leading” and “leadership” are words you hear quite a bit living and working in Washington, D.C., whether it is in the context of Congress, the Executive Branch or advocacy organizations like the National Club Association (NCA) and many others. In the short time

Nick Sidorakis, CCM Takes the Helm of NCA

Recently installed as Chair of the National Club Association (NCA), Nick Sidorakis, CCM, has been the general manager and COO of Southern Hills Country Club, Tulsa, Okla., for more than 27 years. He previously worked for the Marriott Corporation in a variety of general management

Leading: Introduction

IT WAS A TRUE PLEASURE to meet so many of you at the 2022 National Club Conference in Charleston! Meeting so many of you at the Conference made for a fabulous formal introduction to the National Club Association (NCA). Since joining the NCA staff in

Community Service

At the National Club Association, we purposefully use the phrase “club community” instead of “club industry.” This is because clubs are all about and rooted in community—that feeling of fellowship with others. Unfortunately for far too long, the club community wasn’t able to gather. However,

NCA is a Club’s Best Friend

LIKE YOU, the National Club Association (NCA) was looking forward to 2021, but not just because it got us past the tumultuous 2020 (not that 2021 has started out much differently), but also because it gives us a chance to celebrate NCA’s 60th anniversary. The

Moving Forward

THE NATIONAL CLUB ASSOCIATION has delivered, in a massive way, since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. We have produced timely and insightful webinars, created an award-nominated Coronavirus Resource Center website, and delivered relevant and immensely informative newsletters—all for the entire club community. This work