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Tag: Lifestyle-demographics

Tech Rising: New Ways Technology Intertwines with Our Lives

Our relationship with technology continues to intertwine with virtually all facets of life, including the workplace, home, our health and interactions with each other. Not just cool or experimental, today’s technology provides more useful benefits to its users than ever before. Here, we examine new

Changing Lifestyles: The Importance of Reinvention

WHEN I STARTED working in the private golf and country club industry more than 40 years ago, golf, cards in the men’s locker and dressy family dinners in a dining room of white tablecloths, hunter green carpet and burgundy chairs were the status quo. Clubs

Year of Opportunity: Taking the Next Step

Post-Great Recession, private clubs align with the economy have rebounded, offering new opportunities and demands for clubs, staff and members. This macro perspective takes a look at not just the economic and legislative issues impacting the country, and the latest in branding, workforce, food and

Macro Outlook 2017: Forecasting the Club of the Future

As private clubs continue to rebound post-recession, competition has increased within the industry. Clubs are tweaking and adding programs and services to retain and recruit members. With that comes increased responsibility to be aware of major trends happening outside of the club. Here are key

Customized Marketing: Identifying and Targeting Demographics

Affluent consumers frequently demand customization and personalization—sometimes identified as the new luxury experience—with products and services tailored to their individual needs. From Millennials and Boomers to fitness fanatics and those who simply want to relax, clubs have always catered to their members’ needs. Today, marketing

Club Renovations: Building a Future for Tomorrow

Renovations are a necessity to maintain a strong club. They provide new and improved amenities, invigorate current members and attract new ones. Although they can be complicated and large in scope, the right renovation will pay dividends down the road. Staying up to date on