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Helping F&B Gain Favor

One constant factor contributing to the disconnect between members wanting their club to be a favorite place for dining and actually considering it as such is how food and beverage professionals are always challenged to be more creative while keeping club traditions. Popular trends for

Club Trends Fall 2023: Meeting the New F&B Challenges

Download Publication Features The New F&B OutlookChallenges and Opportunities Pulse SurveyBringing Everyone to the Table Five Tried-and-True Best Practices for Club F&B Programs Banking on Food & Beverage as an Amenity Solving the "Nice Problem" of Post-Pandemic F&B F&B Strategies that Satisfy AI and F&BA

AI and F&B: A Necessary Evil?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has come under fire, even from those who are in the forefront of advancing its development, as a potential “evil” that could grow, if not properly controlled, to exert dangerous consequences on all of humanity. But momentum continues for efforts to apply

F&B Strategies That Satisfy

When private clubs turn their attention to long-range strategic planning, they usually think of focusing on broad areas such as governance, facilities and membership development. Specific aspects of an operation such as a food-and-beverage program are often viewed as a secondary consideration, if indeed they

Solving the “Nice Problem” of Post Pandemic F&B

As the post-COVID-19 membership boom has coincided with an acceleration of staffing shortages and the need to catch up on renovation projects that were put on hold during the pandemic, clubs’ food-and-beverage programs are being put to the test like never before. Many clubs are

Banking on Food & Beverage as an Amenity

Of all the various services and amenities that go into providing the member experience in a private club, food and beverage is the most important. It is used most frequently, is the most important amenity across all members and, as Charts 1-4 show, is nearly

5 Tried and True Best Practices for F&B Programs

A recent presentation by Club Benchmarking highlighted food and beverage as the top member-value proposition for most clubs. But as illustrated by other articles in this issue of Club Trends, F&B is also the leading source of dissatisfaction registered in member surveys. This conundrum is

Bringing Everyone to the Table

Of all the factors that contribute to member satisfaction, dining is the most important, because it is the most universal in its appeal and use. While not everyone uses other recreational facilities and amenities offered by a club, arguably everyone who is part of a