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Tag: facilities

The Next Big Thing

The story behind how padel was invented helps to explain why it’s catching on as a new favored racquets alternative in many club settings. In 1969, Mexican businessman Enrique Corcuera, who wanted a tennis court at his Acapulco home but didn’t have the space and

Winning the Space Race

Pickleball’s boom has brought with it a surge in demand for where and when it can be played. In turn, that’s created special facility challenges for clubs that must deal with space restrictions and fit the game in without disrupting other activities or disturbing their

Going with the Flow at Ocean Reef Club

As the largest of all club operations, with more than 5,000 members and nearly 1,000 employees, it can be expected that the Ocean Reef Club (ORC) in Key Largo, Fla. is always out front of emerging trends and changes in member preferences. Among racquet sports