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Tag: communications

Tech Rising: New Ways Technology Intertwines with Our Lives

Our relationship with technology continues to intertwine with virtually all facets of life, including the workplace, home, our health and interactions with each other. Not just cool or experimental, today’s technology provides more useful benefits to its users than ever before. Here, we examine new

Talk Is Cheap

Chances are if you ask any consultant to identify the number one complaint from boards about their general manager, it would be poor communication. This is also true for most memberships at large. Communication is central to organizational success, yet most of us struggle to

Information Silos and the Knowledge Deficit

Belonging to, or even visiting a club, comes with certain expectations. One of which is that an elevated level of service will be experienced. In order to deliver on these expectations, clubs are turning to sophisticated technology applications not only to streamline tedious and time

Integrated Communications at The Country Club

 Technology revolutions always take longer than predicted, but arrive faster than anticipated.  –Michael S. Malone Private clubs have approached technology and communications in an evolutionary—rather than revolutionary way. But it didn’t happen overnight. As clubs adapted and incorporated technology’s advancements, clubs became increasingly alert to