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Club Business Spring: Adjusting the Sails

Download Publication FEATURES Adjusting the SailsData-driven leadership puts Florida Yacht Club on course for a bright future Building a LegacyThe governance perspective of Florida Yacht Club's transformation Forging a Path to Data-driven LeadershipManagement's perspective on Florida Yacht Club's transformation Zero-based Capital BudgetingFunding Florida Yacht Club's

How Generational Diversity Shapes Long-Term Planning

Data-driven leadership reaches beyond the club’s finances. The most important club facet is the membership experience, and very few businesses have as much insight on their customers as private clubs. There is significant room for advancement in data-driven insight that can flow from analyzing the

Transforming a Paradigm Pioneer

We all have those moments in our personal and professional lives. The ones that get frozen in time. For me, one of the most significant happened at the intersection of Green Island Road and Diamond Causeway on Skidaway Island, just outside of the main gates

The Value Proposition: Total Cost of Belonging – Q3 2021

Successful clubs understand that when it comes to selling memberships, they must compete on value, not on price. Dues and fees paid by the members must be sufficient to fund delivery of a compelling member experience and ensure that programming and facilities are consistently fresh

How do clubs make the shift from reactive to proactive financial strategy?

As a capital planning advisor to hundreds of clubs over the course of my career, one of the most common characteristics among clubs functioning reactively is a failure to understand their club’s capital requirements and how to properly fund them. Those clubs typically lack a forward-looking capital plan, and as a result they are saddled with an accumulation of