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Comprehensive Practices in Club Cybersecurity

Download Publication The National Club Association (NCA) and Hospitality Financial and Technical Professionals (HFTP®) have partnered to develop a resource designed to provide members with a detailed guide on data and network security. "Comprehensive Practices in Club Cybersecurity" has been structured so that clubs can implement

Clubs in Philanthropy

The National Club Association (NCA) believes club leaders, as well as attorneys and accountants, will find Clubs in Philanthropy to be of invaluable assistance in providing an overview of concepts related to club foundations and charitable initiatives and planned giving at private clubs. This publication is not, however,

Inclusion Survey 2020

NCA conducted an Inclusivity Survey in October 2020. Nearly 100 clubs shared information about their investment in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) for both employees and members. While many clubs are not actively engaged in this area, this survey was an opportunity to explore the topic and assess clubs’ current

Club Governance Standards

The National Club Association launched a new white paper series for members entitled Club Governance Standards. This resource features white papers on governance topics tailored to private clubs. The series’ first paper was “Chief Executive Succession Planning for Private Clubs.” Club Governance Standards serves as

COVID-19 Blueprint for Reopening Private Clubs

The National Club Association’s (NCA) Blueprint for Reopening Private Clubs provides private clubs with direction and guidance to safely reopen. This is a compilation of shared resources across numerous industries, organizations and agencies that NCA has collected and disseminated through our Coronavirus Resource Center. The Blueprint provides

State Legislative Response Manual

The State Legislative Response Manual provides insightful tips on responding to state level issues and links to important elected officials in all 50 states. This response manual also covers key components of building relationships with state legislators and making sure the voice of the private club
Truly Private Club Status & Tax-Exempt Status

Truly Private Club Status & Tax-Exempt Status

Truly Private Status & Tax-Exempt Status provides an overview of the legal and tax purposes of truly private status and tax-exempt status, and why these are different—and important—to clubs. This resource includes the latest, major landmark cases to illustrate how courts approach and analyze private status
National Club: Board Toolkit: Club Leadership Essentials

Board Toolkit: Club Leadership Essentials

The Toolkit serves as a go-to resource for boards and board members alike to help them effectively govern from day one. The publication covers six chapters full of best practices, tips, checklists, and sample forms and templates (which you are encouraged to use and may
Strategic Planning for Private Clubs

Strategic Planning for Private Clubs

Strategic Planning for Private Clubs covers best practices, tips, checklists, sample forms and resources all geared toward ensuring your club planning process meets your club’s individual needs and circumstances. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to strategic planning. This resource orients and educates the novice as