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Category: Club Director

2022 Club Benchmarking Labor Survey

DIFFICULTY ATTRACTING and retaining staff and upward pressure on hourly wages have challenged the private club industry the last several years. In August 2022, Club Benchmarking (CB) conducted a labor survey to quantify the extent to which clubs have been affected by those challenges and

Why Are Board Retreats Important?

BOARD RETREATS are an essential part of any club’s governance and should be on the board calendar to occur annually. A retreat provides the board and management with time away from the club to have in-depth discussions monthly meetings do not allow. It also fosters

What are ways to improve our member retention?

In a recent study of the 4,000-plus private clubs in North America, GGA Partners found almost nine in 10 clubs are full and experiencing significant waitlist growth. Certainly, the pandemic has brought unprecedented growth to private clubs. The question now is how clubs will retain

The Pandemic, Club Staffing, and What We Can Do

AFTER TWO YEARS on the pandemic roller coaster, the club industry is facing a paradox of people—specifically members and employees—that poses a threat to club culture. On the member side, many clubs have been surprised to find themselves in a position of strength after two

Budget Time is Here: Is a 20% dues increase palatable?

DAN: Budget time is here again—it’s an annual event, something like Christmas or April 15th. The economy is still in question, but despite this and other macro, global factors, isn’t it time to finally loosen your budgeting belt? While many members are still personally recovering

Trademark Considerations Regarding Club Names

Trademarks and service marks are names, logos and other symbols that are used to identify and distinguish one’s goods and services from the goods and services of others; they also indicate the source of the goods and services. Trademarks are marks that are used on

Changing Tables

The club culinary scene is evolving. Fine dining and the latest trends are on the menu, and chefs are proving more than up to the challenge. Food at private clubs has always had an image: reliable, predictable, reasonable. Clubs were a good place to get

Staying Safe, Feeling Welcome

Security is on everyone’s mind, but new technologies can help achieve a feeling of safety at the club without alienating members or their guests. How to enhance security without compromising the member and guest experience is a question private club operators are contemplating more than

The Great Economic Uncertainty

Recession or not, inflation is wreaking havoc on consumers and businesses. What does that mean for your club? Everyone wants to know if we are in a recession, or if we had one earlier this year. We definitely had the (what used to be anyway)