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NCA GR Committee Identifies 2018 Advocacy Issues

In early February, we reached out to our Government Relations Committee and asked for their input regarding the priorities for the club industry on Capitol Hill in 2018. The following responses from our survey will help guide us as we hit the halls of Congress throughout the rest of this year.

Not surprisingly, making changes to Obamacare led the list of legislative issues. On the regulatory front, fighting for a more reasonable Overtime Exemption Rule and fixing the Waters of the U.S. Rule topped the list.

NCA thanks those members of the Committee who took the time to help us clarify the most pressing issues for the club industry. We will do our best to ensure these issues are addressed positively for all private clubs. With it being an election year, that could be harder than first thought, but we will be in their pitching no matter what.

For comments or questions, please contact Brad Steele at 202-822-9822 or [email protected].

Top Issues Identified by the NCA GR Committee
(Rated on a scale of 1 – 5, with 5 being “very important”)

1. Passing the STARS Act, which clarifies how to count/deal with “seasonal workers” under Obamacare 4.31 (tie)

1. Passing legislation defining “full-time” under Obamacare as an employee working 40 hours per week rather than 30 hours per week 4.31 (tie)

2. Establishing a more reasonable Overtime Exemption Rule 4.23

3. Establishing a more reasonable Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Rule 4.15

4. Passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform with greater availability for temporary worker visas 4.08

5. Repealing the Employer Mandate found in Obamacare 4.00 (tie)

5. Re-authorizing the Returning Worker Exemption for the H-2B Visa Program 4.00 (tie)

6. Modifying the mandatory employer health insurance reporting requirements found under Obamacare 3.85

7. Removing more pro-union rulings and regulations from the National Labor Relations Board 3.77 (tie)

7. Infrastructure Reform 3.77 (tie)

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