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Fitness Facility Management & Liability

A part of the Club Director Reference Series Examines facility and risk management issues related to fitness and wellness programs. Includes waivers and facility traffic and staffing considerations. © 2001, revised 2014 Download Publication

Employment Practices Liability

A part of the Club Director Reference Series Guides clubs through the maze of federal employment laws related to EPL, and helps clubs evaluate and plan risk-management and loss-control strategies. © 1995, revised 2015 Download Publication

Club Director Reference Series

The Club Director Reference Series of technical publications is the club industry’s most trusted source for tax, privacy, legal, financial and policy information. NCA members receive this resource when they join. The individual monographs listed below provide models on issues including how to establish bylaws and rules for clubs, committee and membership guidelines,

Innovations at Clubs: The COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”    – Plato  Over the course of human history, innovations in all walks have life have changed how mankind lives, works and plays. Take, for example, the invention of the wheel. The hallmark of man’s innovation, this simple device became fundamental

What does our board need to know about cybersecurity?

CYBERSECURITY is a threat to your club. The club manager in a Nebraska club faced the unhappy task of calling his members to tell them that their personal information has been hacked from the club’s records. The members’ reactions were predictably along the lines of “How

What is the fourth step in a risk management program?

THE THREE RULES OF INSURANCE: Insure anything you cannot afford to lose Do not spend more on insurance than the item is worth It’s not the probability but possible severity of the loss that matters most In the spring 2019 issue of Club Director, I described