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What are the best ways to leverage my club’s brand?

Many club leaders underestimate the importance of brand management with the belief that a logo, website and email constitute a brand. The fact is your brand is everything you do–and fail to do. A strong brand establishes a position to own in the marketplace and

How Can a Private Club Market its F&B?

A scan of any metropolitan area will usually reveal a cluster of private clubs offering many of the same amenities and benefits—top-rated golf, racquet sports, fitness, swimming, social programming, events, dining and more—in addition to individual details on location, history and culture. While each club should be leveraging

Customized Marketing: Identifying and Targeting Demographics

Affluent consumers frequently demand customization and personalization—sometimes identified as the new luxury experience—with products and services tailored to their individual needs. From Millennials and Boomers to fitness fanatics and those who simply want to relax, clubs have always catered to their members’ needs. Today, marketing

Marketing for Affluent Spending, Confidence and Preferences

National consumer trends play a key role in recognizing and responding to changing club member needs. By understanding how the habits, preferences and lifestyles of the current and next generation of members—as well as shifting economic and demographic landscapes—affect membership marketing, club leaders will be

Selling Selectivity: The Monterey Peninsula Country Club

Monterey Peninsula Country Club (MPCC) doesn’t require the hard sell. Its location—nestled against the craggy mid-Californian coast and cypress forests of Monterey, California—combined with its legendary golf, its spectacular facilities and its customized service, all work seamlessly to secure the club’s place among the elite

Business and Marketing for Club Success

Simple Business Goal: Providing and marketing a high-quality club product that members value, join and use so revenues exceed expenses and club success is achieved. The balancing act is determining what to provide and at what quality level so members value and buy into the

Don’t Get Deleted: How to Ensure Members Read Club Communications

Clubs put significant time and effort into their member electronic communications, “e-communications,” but are members looking forward to receiving them? Improperly executed, club e-communications can get lost in a member’s inbox. However, when constructed and delivered effectively, they can be a member’s go-to resource for