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Trademark Considerations Regarding Club Names

Trademarks and service marks are names, logos and other symbols that are used to identify and distinguish one’s goods and services from the goods and services of others; they also indicate the source of the goods and services. Trademarks are marks that are used on

NCA Weighs in with Florida Appeals Court

IN JANUARY, the National Club Association (NCA) filed an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief supporting an NCAmember club appealing an unfavorable lower court ruling in Florida. The ruling would have had an enormous negative impact on all clubs in the state, and NCA

NCA Files Amicus in Florida Appellate Court

Last night, NCA filed an amicus curiae brief in Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal in the case Fiddlesticks Country Club v. Potter The case centers on whether bylaws in effect at the time a member joins the club constitute a contractual agreement that is not

Considerations for Bylaws Amendments

Proceed Carefully The following provides a basic overview of how to make changes to your club’s bylaws. Club bylaws are living club documents that should be reviewed by the board annually to ensure the club is evolving with the times while preserving its culture and traditions. Numerous clubs have undergone this process; however there

Legally Speaking: Mandatory Vaccines

Editor’s note: Club Director’s new Legal column will present background on issues important to clubs and is written by NCA Legal Committee attorneys. (Save a little space for a legal disclaimer.) Can Private Membership Clubs Rely on Their “Exempt” Status in Mandating Vaccinations for Employees,

Club-related Foundations: Concepts, Caveats and Case Studies

As discussed in the first article in this series, many clubs have established or are beginning to consider establishing a club-related foundation. The impetus for creating a foundation may be a member’s interest in making a substantial contribution (and receiving a tax deduction), a desire

Club Director Reference Series

The Club Director Reference Series of technical publications is the club industry’s most trusted source for tax, privacy, legal, financial and policy information. NCA members receive this resource when they join. The individual monographs listed below provide models on issues including how to establish bylaws and rules for clubs, committee and membership guidelines,