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Tag: leadership

New Lessons in Leadership

Leadership is both technical (the management side) and visionary (the strategic side). No one follows a leader for long who is not caring and visionary. In the end, excellence in leadership is a moral endeavor. The only way morality makes sense is when it’s based

Trusting Senior Management to Manage

The Country Club in Brookline, Mass., has a 12-person board, nine of whom chair major committees. The three-person executive committee consists of the president, treasurer and secretary, who all also serve on the board, and we have a significant number of other committees and subcommittees.

The Fun Is Good Philosophy

I love the Peter Drucker quote “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” I’ve always been a firm believer that when a well-defined, clearly communicated, customer and employee-centric culture exists, great things follow! Simply put, it’s all about rediscovering what’s important in business (and life) and acting

The Basic Laws of Success

“More important than doing things right is doing the right thing.” – Peter Drucker You intend to be successful. Do you intend to be really successful—to the extent you will retire independently wealthy? When I ask that question during my travels around the country, 100%

Ever Evolving: ECM Winner Steve Cummings

For Steve Cummings, CCM, CCE, of the Harvard Club of Boston, “creative consistency” has been the driving principle behind his career success— and Excellence in Club Management honors. All club managers—and those in city clubs in particular—had to navigate a course strewn with a sudden

Hosting Major Golf Championships

HOSTING A MAJOR golf championship is typically a onceinalifetime experi ence. I have been fortunate to host three major golf championships, two PGA Championships, one U.S. Open, two Tour Championships, a Senior PGA Champion ship and a U.S. Men’s Amateur Champi onship during my 27

Navigating Club Transitions

Picture yourself standing on the bank of a river you must cross and have never crossed before. What are you feeling? Maybe anxiety because you don’t know how deep the river is, the strength of the current, or if there are snakes or other unknown

Case Study: The Mirabel Club

At the northern tip of Scottsdale, Ariz., sits The Mirabel Club, one of many premier clubs in a city known for its luxury golf courses. Mirabel was developed by Discovery Land in 2000 and sold to the members in 2009. A top priority of the